Some of the supporting letters from the local community (Moretonhampstead)

  1. tim burton
  2. Liz Prince 
  3. The Revd.Preb. Simon Franklin
  4. Marie Franco 
  5. Bud and Rosemary Young
  6. miss emma-jayne hawkes
  7. Maxine Brimblecombe
  8. RT Mawhood
  9. Jenny Morris
  10. Sarah Spicer
  11. Natalie Torr
  12. Alison Hastie
  13. Tristan Pulver
  14. Hilary Mathieu
  15. Steve Williams
  16. Guy Barrett
  17. Andy Gardner
  18. Mark Stevens
  19. Emma Sampson
  20. Lucy Patrick
  21. Meg Connolly
  22. Katheryn Hope
  23. Mark Stevens
  24. John Laflin
  25. Heather Rose
  26. Ben Vizor
  27. Poppy Burgess
  28. Lewis Sleeman
  29. Astrid Arnold
  30. Ann Bindschedler
  31. Lionel Holmes
  32. Louis howard
  33. Mr Mark Woolner
  34. Jake Kyle
  35. michaelphillips
  36. Lara Stapleton
  37. Hugh Arnold
  38. Evie
  39. Mrs Anya Reeve
  40. Lewis Sleeman (PDF)

Other people from Moretonhampstead who have signed letters of support include: Greg Abel, Veronica Guold, Nicky Barton, Olivia Young, David Wright, Andrea Foxwell, Graham Bates, Molly Mason, Anna Adnitt, I Westcott, Micheal Howard, Ian Stewart-Watson, Ann Prince, Pippa Brown, E Bates

Interesting supporting letters from the wider community

  1. Aaron Custance - some good policy relevant information
  2. Bruce Parry
  3. DCC Highways (PDF) - No objections
  4. Mr N Scott
  5. Dr Tom Greeves, Chairman, The Dartmoor Society (word)

We have recieved about 380 letters of support as of 10th March 2015.

All the correspondance are available by accessing the DNPA website planning application search and looking up planning ref: 0054/15

A really big thankyou to all those who have supported us by taking the time to write these letters

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