LIVING ON THE EARTH - A Bushcraft Intensive

              Living on the Earth 

                  A BUSHCRAFT INTENSIVE



Four long weekends of learning bushcraft and nature awareness skills in the

Devon countryside culminating in a Survival Quest – March to July


Come learn the arts of wild fire making, shelter building, water purification, wild foods and hedgerow medicine while developing your awareness skills so you can feel at home in nature. This course, led by a team of experienced instructors, will teach you how to live comfortably on the earth, have closer experiences with wildlife, and deepen your connection with the land. During our time together, you will be made ready to survive and thrive on the final Survival Quest, heading off into nature with simply a blanket and knife.


Each weekend can be booked separately if that suits your needs.


  • Bushcraft Weekend March

Ground yourself in the skills of fire by friction, shelter building in the woods, water purification, knifework, and much more.


  • Nature Awareness April

Learn how to move through the landscape with minimal disturbance, read the language of the birds, have closer encounters with wildlife, expand your senses, and read the track and sign all around.


  • Wild Food & Hedgerow Medicine May

Learn all about wild foods and how to eat off the land through the seasons; also learn how to identify, harvest and preserve your own medicine from Mother Nature.


  • Survival Quest July

Put your skills to the test by heading off into the wilderness equipped only with a blanket and knife.


The Team: Daniel Thompson-Mills, Ollie Hornbeam, Son Parsons, Beccy Cruse, and John Elsworthy are your guides and mentors on this journey. We all live in self-built low-impact dwellings at Steward Community Woodland, an eco-community on the edge of Dartmoor. Dan, Ollie & John have all trained with Trackways in Sussex and developed our skills through our own practice on the land and by teaching for many years. Beccy & Son have trained in herbal medicine with Frances Wright and been working with the plants for many years. We will be available by phone and email between the weekends for extra support and coaching.


Cost: £800 . This includes all (organic) meals on the first three weekends (you'll be providing your own food from the land on the Quest!). Each weekend can be booked separately for £200.


Venue: Steward Wood, near Moretonhampstead, Dartmoor, Devon


For booking and queries, contact Daniel or Ollie on 01647 440233, 07427 519345, <>

Also booking online by PAYPAL at <>

No. days: 12
Hours per day: 9
Cost: £800

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