Connection and community

Be part of a participant-guided discussion-based day focussing on experiences and aims of community living. It will be useful for anyone  who is interested in interacting with intentional communities or who is considering moving to, or setting up, a community.

The day will include an exploration of community dynamics, what we seek to gain from communities and what they need from us, tools for effective group communication, why individuals and families join and leave communities, contrasting new and established communities, community structure, and pointers and contacts for legal and practical advice. Prebooking is essential. Please bring a packed lunch, if the weather is fine we will be able to sit outside. A 7 hour, 1 day workshop.

To book, please contact us directly; community[AT]

No. days: 1
Hours per day: 7
Cost: £20

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Last updated: 2011-04-06

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