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2014-01-30 - Photography Exhibition Opens with Images from Steward Wood

A photography exhibition has opened showcasing images taken at Steward Wood by Fern Leigh Albert. Fern's project 'Wild Wood' was shortlisted for the Ideastap and Magnum Photos Award in 2013 and has been exhibited in various spaces in London, this is the first time the images are shown the South West. The exhibition opens on Saturday 1st of Febuary and runs until the 15th of March.

'I worked on 'Wild Wood' in a very intuitive way. Using medium format you have to be very careful and wai... Read more

2013-11-20 - Winter drawing on

At this darkening time, with the first frosts of the season arriving, our firewood supplies become ever more important. It's a huge amount of work each year during the felling season (Oct to Feb) to fell full-size larch and scots pine, coppice ash, hazel and sycamoore, process the wood, and store it well to meet our firewood needs for the following winter. But it's an intimate part of life in the forest and living in a low impact way. We use chainsaws (powered by Aspen fuel which has less fum... Read more

2012-11-12 - 'Longing' by Daniel LionHeart

The Bard of Steward Wood, Daniel LionHeart, has produced another fine collection of poems for your delectation, delight and insight. Check it out.

... Read more

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Welcome to the Steward Community Woodland website

We are Steward Community Woodland, a group of people who are living and working together and have been experimenting with...

We live on 32 acres of plantation woodland on a steep hillside, located in the beautiful Wray Valley on the edge of Dartmoor. The community was founded in 2000 and is currently twelve adults and nine children.

There are several ways you can arrange a visit...

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Volunteering - most of our visitors initially come as volunteers, exchanging volunteer time for food and accommodation. This is open to anyone; prior booking is essential. Volunteer weeks coming up are: week commencing 31st Mar (waiting list only), 19th May, 9th Jun, 30th Jun, 8th Sept, 29th Sept, 20th Oct, 10th Nov, 1st Dec (NB. weeks in winter may be cancelled if weather very cold).

Group visits - we are visited regularly by groups (for example, students and young people). Please get in touch if your group would like to see the project.


                               You can donate money to the project here.

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