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2016-04-02 - NEW FOR 2016 - Learning the Language of the Birds

Would you like to locate a Tawny Owl in its day roost? Can you imagine knowing a Sparrowhawk is in the area without having seen or heard it? Would you know if the birds gave away the location of a nearby Deer? This course will give you the basic framework and necessary skills to interpret the secret langauge of the birds. From techniques to optimse sensory awareness, ways of movement and stealth, the core routine of sit spot, leading to group sit spot and how to map your bird language experie... Read more

2016-03-29 - Planning Appeal Public Inquiry

We have now submitted all our evidence for the Public Inquiry due to be heard on 26-28th April 2016 at the DNPA headquarters, Parke, Bovey Tracey.  We will be running a minibus service from Moretonhamsptead because we feel it is important that local people should be able to access the hearing easily and the DNPA refused to have the venue in Moreton (the neutral and convenient location for those local people who wish to attend and possibly... Read more

2015-06-04 - Planning Support

As you may or may not know we recently applied to the Dartmoor National Park Authority for permanent planning permission.

Unfortunately the DNPA refused our application on 10th April.

We received over 400 letters of support and a significant number from our local area. We would like to THANK all the people who wrote in and have supported us mentally, physcially and emotionally. Your support will and has been a huge help to us.

Our next step will be to set out our ap... Read more

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Welcome to the Steward Community Woodland website

We are Steward Community Woodland, a group of people who are living and working together and have been experimenting with...

We live on 32 acres of plantation woodland on a steep hillside, located in the beautiful Wray Valley on the edge of Dartmoor. The community was founded in 2000 and is currently twelve adults and nine children.

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There are several ways you can arrange a visit...

Chris and Owen's dwelling - a new interior

Volunteering - most of our visitors initially come as volunteers. We are having a break from holding volunteer weeks through the winter but are continuing with our Conservation Days on the last Sunday of every month - see above for more details.

Group visits - we are visited regularly by groups (for example, students and young people). Please get in touch if your group would like to see the project.


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