Please Note: This website is out of date. The Steward Community Woodland sustainable living project ended in 2018 for legal and planning permission reasons. The contents have been left here as a historical archive.

Our Neighbours

There are various properties around Steward Community Woodland. Our immediate neighbours live below the disused railway track at Steward Cottages (a row of three residences, formerly foresters' cottages, built in the late 19th Century) and Steward Mill (which dates back to 1711). Across the road is Steward Farm Cottage, now split into two dwellings, and four converted barns. Above these buildings on a hilltop lies Hayne Manor with a large pond and extensive grounds.

To the north west of the wood lies Budleigh Farm, which comprises two cottages along with seven self-catering flats for visitors, outdoor and indoor target firing ranges, and some camping ground, together with a working farm.

Away to the south east is the hamlet of Wray Barton, comprising a large manor house with converted buildings and cottages around. Pepperdon Farm lies above the woods to the north east, with two cottages ('Tanglewood' and 'Pepperdon Hole') in between.



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