Woodland Management


This is a 2 day course which provides an understanding of UK woodlands and a guide to manage the resource from timber to fauna.

The course takes place within a woodland and participants will cover a range of topics and activities including - felling a tree by hand and converting into useful products, forest gardening and wild food, woodland pests and how they effect the woodlands, tree function and silviculture.

Interwoven with these topics are the social aspects and outcomes of woodland work and how these outcomes can be incorporated into a holistic approach whereby we are a benevolent functioning part of a healthy, sustainably productive woodland ecosystem. Course participants will receive a free copy of ‘Holistic Woodland Understanding – A Handbook to Woodland and its care.’

To book, please contact us directly; community[AT]stewardwood.org

No. days: 2
Hours per day: 7
Cost: £150

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Last updated: 2011-04-06

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