Stepping Beyond Consensus - A New Paradigm in Goverance & Decision Making

Sociocracy is based on and encourages equivalence, transparency, and effectiveness in an organization. It encourages collaborative innovation, minimises lengthy governance meetings, and helps everyone participate in shaping the decisions that affect them.

This morning workshop, with an optional afternoon for guided experiential practice, will give you an overview of the main elements of Sociocracy. You’ll understand why Sociocracy helps organisations become more sustainable and dynamic, and you will develop skills you can apply within your groups, organisations and relationships!

James Priest combines 18 years project management experience with over a decade spent supporting intentional communities, public, voluntary & community sector organisations, mainstream & alternative education providers & individuals, to thrive. ​​ He’s an enthusiastic advocate of transformational tools and methods that facilitate self-full-fill-ment, conscious relationships & collaborative organisation. His current synthesis of approach includes well known, tried and tested tools such as Sociocracy aka Dynamic Governance, Non Violent Communication, Practice of Council, Voice Dialogue & the Psychology of Selves and many other beneficial applications besides.

In addition to his services as a holistic development consultant, facilitator & trainer for community groups & organisations, he shares his passion for exploring & understanding the subtle energetic dimensions of relationship & organisational systems. Working as a skilled ​​Voice Dialogue & consciousness facilitator, he has a private practice for individuals & couples.


10am-1pm Introduction to Sociocracy

2-5pm Experiential Training

Cost: £50

For booking, contact Daniel Thompson-Mills <> Tel 01647 440233.

No. days: 1
Hours per day: 6
Cost: £50

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