Overnight Wilderness Survival Experience

2 Days - 1 Night, No home comforts, just the clothes on your back and a knife, lost in the woods.  Learn how to build a shelter from debris to sleep in, identify edible wild foods and other resources, such as natural tinder's and cordage, make fire without matches, collect and purify water.

An opportunity to totally immerse yourself in nature and forget about your everyday life...  Interested?
What you will need:

  • A willingness, to step WAY out your confort zone!
  • A reasonable degree of physical fitness.
  • An open mind.
  • A Massive sense of humour!

"Whatever the weather on the day, we're going in!"

  • 1-1
  • Small groups
  • Youth/Adults
  • Corporate


Contact me, John on 07816 167823 for immediate response or if more convenient email: fireandforage@gmail.com or here.
"The most direct route to knowledge and empowerment is through DIRECT experience" Anon.

No. days: 2
Hours per day: 0
Cost: £200
Concessionary fee: £150

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Last updated: 2011-04-06

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