Off-Grid Renewable Energy 1 day workshop

This one day workshop is designed as an introduction to practical off-grid living. The course is split into four main areas including the following:

Energy acquisition - This involves the use of solar, micro-hydro, wind turbines and other technologies to acquire the renewable forms of energy around us.

Energy conversion - Some forms of energy acquired will require conversion to be useful to their application. This might be by use of a generator for example.

Energy storage - Ways in which you can store your power for later use

Energy application How best to make efficient use of your power.

If complemented by the one day 12v electrics course you should have enough knowledge to set up a basic 12v off-grid renewable energy system.

This course is suitable for those wishing to live off-grid whether that is for environmental reasons, practical reasons, or preparing for a future where we can not rely on power from the grid. This course is not suitable for those wishing to supplement their grid connection with renewable energy sources unless they are considering running an independent system.

If you are interested please leave your details at the Off the Grid Website.

Please bring a packed lunch .

A limited number of concessionary places are available.  Please contact me for details 07817 391149.

No. days: 1
Hours per day: 6
Cost: £40
Concessionary fee: £25

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Last updated: 2011-04-06

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