Nature Awareness and Connection Weekend

Nature Connections - finding yourself in nature

Ideal for all those who wish to deepen their relationship with nature. Over the weekend we will re-discover some of the skills that enabled our ancient ancestors to survive and thrive in the natural world. Learn how to move through the natural landscape in a way that enables you to blend into the environment around you and have closer encounters with wild animals, use your sense's to their true potential, and read the track and signs that are laid out on the ground around you by knowing some of the basic skills of tracking. There will be an introduction to bird language, where we will learn how to use this art of awareness to have a better understanding of what is going on around us, by beginning to decipher the messages the birds bring.

Explore how a deep knowledge of place can start you off on a life long journey of experiencing the endless and exciting mysteries that nature has for us to discover, and the joy that sharing these experiences with others can bring. Take home a tool kit of practical skills, techniques, games, sensory awareness, and other ancient technologies that can be passed on to friends and family to help us all re-connect with the natural world.

All this within the setting of a beautiful woodland near Dartmoor, where we will share food, stories, music, and laughter around the camp fire. Please bring along your own creativity, poetry, magic, instruments, conversation and knowledge as we come together around the fire pit.

More than just a Nature Connection weekend, based on the philosophy that by connecting with each other, ourselves and nature we can help create re-generative communities in the places that we live.

Steward Community Woodland (contact Ollie to arrange additional dates, day walks or weekend courses available)
cost £200 / 2 concessionary places at £150
Please arrive on Friday at 12am, and expect to finish on Sunday 4pm. Cost includes 6 organic meals, tea/coffee.
You will need camping equipment, a torch, weather appropriate clothing, your own water bottle, snacks, and two pairs of shoes: stout and light (moccasins, vibram fivefingers or barefoot will be ideal for most activities)  . This is an alcohol and mobile phone free weekend.
Call Ollie on: 07427519345 or use our contact form

"Its no exaggeration to say that this weekend was a life changing experience. Ollie's knowledge and teaching style really made it fantastic. I can't wait to put what i have learnt into practice." Chris Barton

"Thank you for a magical experience, fabulous wild food and inspiring time spent walking barefoot in the woods. Ollie thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a heartfelt and warm way, it has changed the way i see the natural world and opened up a whole new connection - can't wait to enjoy it for many years to come." Verran Townsend

"A gift Ollie. So much more than a nature connections course. A wonderous, erudite and transforming weekend!" Tasha Seale

"It opened my eyes, it opened my ears and it opened my heart! I have discovered new landscapes inside and outside of me, and i have many new tools to explore them. A powerful weekend which has touched me on many levels." Neo Salek

Ollie Hornbeam has lived in an off-grid, low impact community for three years. During this time he has trained at Trackways, the leading nature awareness school in the UK. He has developed an understanding of bird language and sensory awareness that enables you to deeply engage, directly, with the natural world that surrounds you. Hands on practical teaching that gives you the confidence to be comfortable in the 'wild'.

REFUNDS POLICY: Cancellations made: more then four weeks before the course runs - 50% refund; within 30 days of course running - no refund.  If for any reason 'Nature Connections' has to cancel a course you will be entitled to a full refund or another course date being offered that suits.


No. days: 3
Hours per day: 7
Cost: £200
Concessionary fee: £150

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