Coastal Food Forage

Our hunter gatherer ancestors had an intimate relationship with the coastal environment. Where the land meets the sea, there's an abundance of food (for vegetarians and omnivores alike) - it's a harvesting treat. Come foraging on the South Devon coast for plants and fungi, seaweed, limpets, winkles, prawns, fish & shellfish. Find out how to process and use these amazing culinary gifts of nature. In particular, I will be sharing my passion for seaweeds (marine algae) which are highly nutritious, versatile and yummy.

Meet 10am at the Village Green, East Prawle (see Or if you live near Moretonhampstead, contact Daniel to coodinate transport.

Children free.

"I fell in love with seaweed! And what was so amazing apart from its delicious taste, is that in a moment I found myself in this beautiful display of Earth's gifts offered to me left, right and centre - a treasure in green, brown and red! I felt held and cared for and loved by this beautiful planet which breaths through life. So grateful for the experience and happy because I recognise the value of it." (A participant)

No. days: 1
Hours per day: 5
Cost: £30

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Last updated: 2011-04-06

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