Bird Language Weekend

The prerequisite for this cousre is that you have attended a Nature Awareness Day or Weekend.

Want to improve your knowledge of bird language? Can you imagine knowing a Sparrowhawk is in the area before seeing it? Would you know if a Blackbird had given you a clue to the presense of nearby deer? 

On this weekend you will learn core routines that will take your basic understanding of bird language to a higher level, and expand your awareness even further. Learn how to interpret bird vocalistions, habits and behaviours and use this knowledge to read the landscape aorund you. Find out how a knowledge of the birds can give us clues to the presense of other species of animal, indicate what plants and other wildlife may be around us, and even changes in the weather.

See the world through the eyes of the birds, and access the power that a deep knowledge of place will bring. Take home a deeper understanding of yourself and the natural world.

All this within the setting of a beautiful woodland near Dartmoor, where we will share the philosophy that connecting people to people, people to themselves and people to Nature is a vital tool to help create re-generative community in the places that we live.



Steward Community Woodland (contact Ollie to arrange additional dates, day walks or weekend courses available)
cost £200 / 2 concessionary places at £150
Please arrive on Friday at 12am, and expect to finish on Sunday 4pm. Cost includes 6 organic meals, tea/coffee.
You will need camping equipment, binoculars (optional), a torch, weather appropriate clothing, your own water bottle, snacks, and two pairs of shoes: stout and light (moccasins, vibram fivefingers or barefoot will be ideal for most activities)  . This is an alcohol and mobile phone free weekend.
Call Ollie on: 07427519345 or use our contact form



No. days: 3
Hours per day: 7
Cost: £200
Concessionary fee: £150

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Last updated: 2011-04-06

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