How to build a compost bin

You will need

  • 1. Four or more wooden pallets of similar sizes.
    2. Strong string, rope or wire (wire coat hangers work well)

What you do

  • 1. Clear the area you want the bin
    2. Place the pallets upright in a square and tie them together
    3. That's it -

It is easy to create a second bin when the first is full.
Just take three more pallets and erect them to create a second square using one wall of the first.
Now you can start filling the second bin.
When the contents of the first are ready to use, just remove one 'wall' and you can shovel it into a wheelbarrow.

There are loads of other ways to build a compost bin. Try
this link for another design of double compost bin made using wire netting and wooden stakes.

Where to get pallets. A visit to any reasonably sized industrial estate will reveal heaps of unwanted or damaged pallets. Ask permission before you take them. Most companies are happy to get ride of them as they are seen as a disposal problem but some pallets (usually blue ones) have a deposit on them and so are worth money.

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - A simple philosophy that works well for most situations. The simplest way to compost is just to leave biodegradable stuff in the environment and let nature take its course. Of course this approach could be rather messy and could attract pests so most people use compost heaps and bins. The heap requires no construction as such, you just put the stuff you want to compost in a pile. However heaps can quickly grow into unmanageable mountains and while the stuff inside heats up and composts nicely, the outside remains cold and makes it difficult for you to get at the good stuff within. And so we reach the bin. A container of some sort prevents the pile spreading and when it is full you leave it and start a new one. When the contents are composted you can make use it easily by taking it where you want it - simple!

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